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08-26-2010, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post
If what the PvP'ers are saying is true about the Excelsior, and it's become a pay to have a leg up in PvP, then thats directly against the stated rules around the C-store that the dev's have voiced. If they make it available through merits, then it's not so bad because theres another way to get the ship in-game for no additional cost to the user.
well in defense of my Excelsior. I think a few hours it a little to soon to be taking the PVPers words on it just yet.. PVPers are the ones that are quick to scream nerf when they lose. ( it's like that in any game.. it's not my skill, it that over powered { name here } ) In truth they need to look at adapting to the new ship...

Now if they are still saying this in a week or so, then they to take a look at it.