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08-26-2010, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
Check out the Galaxy-X and the new T5 Excelsior and you will see how the C-Store is moving beyond Costumes and into early Uber-ships. But I suppose that is not greed to you....
The stats make the T5 Excelsior sound more like a skin, the trans warp thing really isn't an uber weapon.
I've blown apart enough Galaxy-Xs in PvP to know it's not even close to an uber-ship.

Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
...funny how Greed never exists in a Capitalist mindset isn't it?
Real greed would be if they never put the Galaxy X on the C-Store a kept letting people use the referral program to buy 5 copys of the game and 5 new subs to get the ship for 250 bucks. I think they should have. People are stupid enough to pay for this crap, why stop them?