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08-26-2010, 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by Brodie0854
sigh, its no better than the Soverign which is a freely available ship. I've flown both in PvP and trust me if anything its slightly worse, the only advantage to it is you get the Trans Warp Abilities, which again are fluff.
And if you are sad enough to spit your dummy and quit over a ship then i say good riddance. We dont want no wishy washy namby pamby players here. Grow up or leave.
Well it sounds like someone else needs to shut their food hole. Read the OP I used the word "May" learn to read my friend. You say I should leave and "good riddance." I say anyone who Say's "good riddance." To someone who loves Star Trek and is just trying to look out for his fellow fan and the game in general

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