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08-26-2010, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by artic1337
5 missions and a ship you can't fly till you've completed 99% of the games content?

And if funds from the C-Store weer meant for new content, then why is the newest ship a C-store item and not just new content?

Becuase it polled at #1 on the most wanted ship poll and instead of making new content around obtaining it, they just slapped a price tag o nit and called it a day.
Well to be fair more like diplomatic corps, dabo, Klingon ship skins, the tier 5 refits, updated interfaces for several systems, new VA missions, Klingon star cluster missions, STF, ship interiors, new fleet actions, new Klingon PvE missions and upcoming weekly content. (probably more that im missing)

The new ship is in the game without spending C-store points, their is a in game obtainable teir 3 version of the Excelsior.

I think their should be an in game way to obtain the excelsior as well, I agree with you on that point.