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08-26-2010, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by Fenrir1536 View Post
I don't have a spread sheet to prove what dollars paid for what but didn't we get new content despite what was placed in the C-store? The the vast majority of things placed in the game since launch have been free rather then C-store items, you could make the argument that the C-store at least helped pay for that content.
you can also argue my our subs paid for it because thats what they are there for.

while they have added content to the game. i remember them saying no new ships would be added to the CStore....only reskins....well the Galaxy X is not a reskin....nor is the Ex.....and in all reality all refits are not skins....the maelstrom or the imperial were reskins. They were cosmetic. The Gx and the Ex are not cosmetic but actual content.