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08-26-2010, 11:26 PM
my bird of preys alpha strike is a combo move of attack pattern alpha/omega3/beamoverload3/high yield torpedo3/cannonrapidfire3 and the dmg buff from decloaking, i try to be right around 3 km right off the arse of the star cruiser, or whatever other biggest baddest target i can see that isnt currently using rsp nor getting hit so hes gonna feel the need to have an rsp running. the full mark 10 anti proton dual cannon heavy cannon dual beam bank turrets in the rear do nicely, i weapon battery to replace the beam energy drain and the torps plunder a naked hull every time, nothing survives, and i follow up on his nearest buddy with buffs still running and weapon power at 125 hehehehe, battle cloak, rinse, repeat!