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Generally I'm a big supporter of the C-Store and I think it adds a lot of value to the game, but I do have a complaint now.

The Excelsior refit is really too expensive for 1200 points, there is a difference between a micro transaction and a macro transaction. 1200 points including taxes is about 15 euro here, for the same amount of money I can actually pick up a new copy of the game and get a free month of play time too.

Considering the only cool features about this ship are its looks and the warp drive abilities I really don't think it's worth that much money. The other ships cost just as much but at least that can be justified because you can also get them in-game by other means.
The Enterprise-E for 2k points is justifiable because you can get it by recruiting people too and I'm fine with that ship costing that much.

This ship however seems to be c-store only and can't be obtained through other means. I more expected a similar deal you also gave with the other 1200 point ships.

To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement, but at least we still have the tier 3 version I guess, even though you can't fly it viably end-game.

I realise that discussing the price of this ship is rather pointless now, but I do hope you'll keep this in mind for the future. Apart from the Targ and the 1200/ 2000 CP ships I bought everything in the c-store, but there is no way I'd ever pay more then 800 CP for a ship and I think that'd be really pushing it already.

My second biggest worry is that I hope you're not setting a new trend here by publishing expensive things that can be considered content rather then costumization in the c-store only.
I hope this ship is an exception rather then the rule.

If people want to add their own feedback I request you keep your posts polite and well mannered, I've seen too many rants on the forums already and after all, Cryptic is more likely to listen to well motivated and polite feedback.