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08-27-2010, 04:49 AM
Hey i got a problem also =o

I payed for a month subscription then canceled the recurring sub. coz im not sure i can pay for next month. Now when i tried to log in i get "Account error please click here for more information", server changes to SERVER DOWN and when i click to see information there is nothing there to see just a blank support page.

I already have a retail key and finished my 30 days free months ago. I submited a ticket but its taking way to long.

Come on guys i really wana play -.-

Grrrr faster plox XD i work in a support related company and if i was this slow i would have gotten fired long time ago XD

Edit: i got a answer that my transaction didnt go through and that i have to do it again

But it did go through and the money is gone from my account -.-`

And now i cant even add my credit card ... perfect