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08-27-2010, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by Spartan118 View Post
I agree with this 100% the CD should keep going no matter what your doing even if your offline and if they dont want to completely separate CD then separate it into groups. Transwarp to ESD has its own, Diplo reward Transwarp has its own CD and then the new ones for the Excelsior has its own CD
Thanks for the support Spartan. That's not a bad idea separating the types of TWs for determining their shared CD. I have to admit though, I think at this point I'm mostly for the CD-Recharges-While-Off-Ship "bug" fix (as that satisfies the "one engine" storyline).

But speaking of types. I got the Excelsior-class ship last night. That adds 9x New TW Powers to my character. I now have 13x total TW Jump Destinations to chose from. Unfortunately, they all share cooldown. It's interesting to click one and see a whole tray row flash to a 30m CD.

I'm a little concerned that the Excel's TW description that says there's a chance it won't work. Heh. Lovely. So there will come a day that I'll click, have that flavor-glitch happen, the TW not work, and then even my Diplos go on the blink. Sweet.

Further, as mentioned above, the CDs all go out-of-sync. I've only had the new ship one night, and didn't get to play with it much before bedtime, but I saw the CD timers go off timer again. At one point, I had three different CD times (even when right after the intial use they all said 30m). Strange.

Finally, a new "Fix" is needed with the Excel's TWs. They all have the same "ESD-like" icon. Nine new icons that all look the same. They have different titles if you mouse over them, but unlike the Diplo TWs that have the destination starbase silhouettes, these just have the "warp hole" picture (again, just like the original Captain's TW power). I understand there's no one base to paste in the button, but perhaps Cryptic could add the destination sector block's initials, or some other representational icon.