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The team is very happy to present the launch of the first Feature Episode series on Saturday August 28th, starting at 11am PDT. Before the episode goes live, I wanted to provide some basic information about how these Featured Episode Series will work and what to expect.

New Episodes will be available on Saturdays and will be turned on in game at 11am PDT. When the episode is turned on, the mission will become immediately available. However, you will need to go to the right location and contact to take the new mission.

For example - here's what will happen for the first week
  • At 11am PDT, we will flip the switch on the first episode.
  • Since the first episode takes place in the Defera Sector, the warp actions to that sector will be turned on so that you can get to the episode.
  • Once you are in the Defera Sector, you will see a contact button to talk to Ambassador Surah. Clicking this will bring up the Deferi ambassador and he will offer you the mission "Cold Call".
  • "Cold Call" is this week's mission and takes place in and around Defera. Since you can also now visit Defera without the mission, if you fly up to the Defera door while you have Cold Call in progress - you will see two warp prompts (Continue Cold Call and Visit Defera). If you select Visit Defera, it is a peaceful visit with no mission taking place. If you seelct continue then you will be running the mission version of this map.
  • Once you have completed this mission, Ambassador Surah will begin to offer you the daily repeatable mission "Aid the Deferi". This patrol mission asks you to perform mission objectives in several locations around the sector. Once you have completed all objectives, you can return to the sector and turn in the mission by talking to Ambassador Surrah once again. The Aid the Deferi daily patrol missions have a chance to change from day to day, and there is also the opportunity to discover other sub missions while on the patrol, so keep your eyes open.

Once the Defera sector has been opened (you must be level 10+) it will remain open indefinitely. Next Saturday when the next mission is made available, you will be able to contact Ambassador Surah to take the next mission in the series chain. The missions require that you have completed the prior mission, so if you come into the series late, you will only see the first mission in the series that you have to complete to get to the next one.

The Featured Episodes themselves can be a mixture of combat and non-combat game play types. The episodes and daily mission can be played by both Federation and Klingon faction players. You can play these episodes at any level 10+ and the episode will scale to the team leader level (or just your level if you are solo). The episodes are small bite sized chunks of content, but over time all those chunks can add up into a ton of content.

There will be unique mission rewards available at the completion of each Featured Episode Mission that will be obtainable the first time you complete the mission (even if you do so long after the episode was released).

There will be a super special reward granted at the end of the Breen series if you completed the series prior to the next series start. (we are considering a 2 week buffer between series to allow everyone to get the reward). If you have not claimed this special reward by the time the next series has started, you will not get the special reward. So for example, if you had the mission completed, but had not turned it in to get the mission reward and the special reward by the time the next series starts, when you turn in the mission you will only get the mission reward and not the special reward. These rewards are per character and not account wide (just like every other mission reward item in the game)

I'm sure there will be more questions, and I direct you to the following two links for specific feedback:

As I've said before - this is a new content direction and something that we're eager to get your feedback on. We plan to keep making these feature episode on a regular schedule if you love them, and if you don't like them or have feedback, let us know and we'll course correct.



Aid the Deferi - daily patrol mission - Additional Info
  • This mission asks you to patrol 3 locations
    • Deferi Outpost 3 is located in the Defera Sector
    • Kelvani Belt is located in the Raveh Sector
    • Deferi Patrol is not on the map - it is a Deferi Patrol ships that wanders between the Defera System and the Kelvani Belt. Fly up to the ship as it is traveling int he Defera Sector to begin that patrol
    • There are currently no "Emblems" awarded for completing Aid the Deferi at level 51. We are considering adding these.
  • There are addtional daily missions that can be found while running the patrols for Aid the Deferi, but these "side" missions are not required to complete Aid the Deferi - only the primary mission when you arrive on the map.
  • There is a chance each day for a different mission to take place at the 3 patrol locations, so if you leave a patrol map uncomplete one day and return another day, the mission may have changed.
  • There are a few new accolades that can only be completed while running the Aid the Deferi patrols as they require objectives that can only be found in these maps.

Defera - Preserver Ruins
Several players have noted that there appears to be a puzzle of sorts a the preserver ruins on Defera and by completing this puzzle, your bridge officer will alert you that you've found part of a star chart. This is in relationship to a future episode, and will be explained in upcoming weeks where you will have a chance to study the ruin in more detail.

Defera - Ferengi Merchant
There is a merchant on Defera that is setting up shop but is not yet selling anything. As the story progresses and players encounter more Breen, he will have more goods to sell.

Update from GMDestra: You can also check out our Support FAQ for more answers to your questions!