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08-28-2010, 03:10 PM
Ok, I loved the new mission, especially the opening sequence with the Breen ship that was jamming sensors; but gotta say I had 2 VERY minor let-downs. First, it felt shorter than I'd hoped it would be, I finished it in about 30 minutes solo. I hope the next few episodes are longer. Second, I found the ground combat waaaay too easy on Normal; I have 3 tac BOffs maxed and set for melee with Bat'leths, with 1 healer BOff and me as ranged tac w/Compression polaron pistols. Even with the AWESOME freeze effects, I only died once when I wasn't paying attention as I went to get a drink during the final ground boss Ship combat was refreshing, considering the Breen tactics, though I was apparently already well prepared with my skills (fluke, I think) and it ended fairly quickly.

All in all, a huge double thumbs-up! Can hardly wait for next weeks!