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Transaction: Turbo Lift kit

so i had this great idea. this idea would fit perfect within the Cryptic business model.

there seems to be small problem with the fact that when i enter the turbo-lift, there is a loading screen. Now i am not sure that Cryptic is aware that there is a serious issue with breaking immersion when i switch between floors in the turbo life when i see a loading screen. With all this attention to the interiors of the ships and different ship interiors, there needs to be more attention to this tiny detail. Now as any trek geek knows, immersion is the key to a good trek game. Every time i see a loading screen, my inner trek geek dies a little. now i think that most STO players seeking total immersion would be willing to fork out a little more cash to pay for a turbo-lift immersion pack through the c-store. moo... there has to be a way that cryptic can work out a way to hide that naggy little load screen. what i would like to see is that you enter the turbo-lift, the doors close. now instead of a load screen here after selecting the deck to go to, i want to see the little vertical lighting going up or down and then the doors open and you are on the selected deck. i would gladly purchase this a C-store option, only please don't make it extravagantly priced like the galaxy-x please!

thoughts? suggestions?
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