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08-28-2010, 10:53 PM
I do think they could jazz up the loading screens a little... like they did in Mass Effect. While loading it showed you going down/up the elevators and even had a nifty little news flash when in the citadel.

When loading your ship entering a system, it could do a flash of your captain on the bridge pointing his/her finger at the view screen and saying 'engage' or even something of your choosing in the options screen.

When loading an away team mission, it could cut to you and your officers standing on a trasporter pad and then a generic transporter chief fiddles with the console and beams you down.

Those would be such sweet little improvements that would just make the game so much prettier and more fluid.


I absolutely think it should just be part of the game, not a C-store purchase. I agree it would be far less jarring than a blue line and "LOADING" appearing on your screen. LOL