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08-29-2010, 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by Locutus9956 View Post
Have the chief medical officer option be one of your BO's and if theyre all injured, THEN have the EMH activate that way you still get the EMH in the game in the way its supposed to be, ie when the rest of the medical staff is out of comission

Have injured officers be on beds in sick bay rather than on the bridge.

Similarly to this have the option to repair ship injuries by speaking to your chief engineer in engineering.
That's a great way to work the EMH in, but do we HAVE to have Zachary Quinto, Cryptic? Can't we have Robert Picardo?

Originally Posted by mysticblakes View Post
As long as the medical/engineering functionality are just ‘Options’ and not mandatory. IMHO it would get a bit tedious having to seek medical/repair attention from whatever source each time a Character/system required it however ‘real’ this may seem, doesn’t allude its self well to game play…
What I mean is, as well as the NPCs on Earth Spacedock who fix ships and heal injuries, and as well as those items you can use to insta-fix or heal (I play on normal so IDK what they're called), we should have a chief engineer and a chief medical officer stationed on board.

One way to achieve that would be to have sick bay and engineering roamed by your highest ranking Sci and Engi BOs respectively, getting them off the bridge and where they should be.

Originally Posted by Oshanee
You forget add the BRIG
Do we REALLY need the brig just at the minute? Who are you planning to put in there? If you're suggesting missions which require capture of NPCs who then spawn in your brig until you turn in the mission then I'm all for it. But you should be stuck with them until you deliver them in person to whatever destination, and those missions should be timed so you can't leave them to rot in there for eternity.