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08-29-2010, 07:51 PM
It is a bit ridiculous. Im the one that got the trial account. Ive been playing MMO's for a long time and this is the worst trial evar. Why give me 2 weeks??? Why? that is a honest question that needs a honest answer. I like the game... i think. Cant really be sure with 3hrs of content. I know it is a new game and the full version doesn't have a lot of content compared to others but that shouldn't reflect in the trial at all. 17gigs for 1 mission. The trial of the game is supposed to excite me to get the full version, not trying to leave me on a cliff and force me to buy the game.

If the trial was longer i probably would have got the game. But now i think the game outside the trial is also short, so 17 gigs is a small price to pay instead of spending money now and feeling worse about it