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08-29-2010, 09:30 PM
i fully 100 percent would love to see an assimilated ship skin --------+1(a million times) make it like the romulan assimilated mog'ai escort and you guys would have a HUGE money maker on your hands in the much as that would suck.................i would buy it as long as it was under 300 points

you would have every person who is like me (anything for more ship designs) eating out of the palm of your c-store

and i also would be willing to wait til AFTER the klingons get all there new ships so they cant flame this idea and have it for BOTH fed/klingon

as for getting CBS to approve i could see it going a little like this

cryptic- ok all the ships you've already approved ...can we just put some green stuff on them...

CBS- omg seriously no one will go for that

cryptic- we are gonna put it on the c-store and call it assimliated borg skins

CBS- lmfao ok but seriously i want a share of the c-store profits

atari- WOAH um no way its ALL OURS muahahaha

cryptic- how about i give you a SUPER SPECIAL REWARD and 100 CRYO grenades

CBS- throw in a lower cooldown on my slipstream drive and we got a deal--

cryptic- hmm, throw in a few seasons of how i met your mother on dvd and its a deal

CBS- you drive a hard bargain but it was cheaper than CHARLIE SHEEN so shall we get this in writing

cryptic--absolutley oh and can we get this on a rush order so we can put them in before the klingon ships I SO HATE the klingons....ive never forgiven them for killing my son...

CBS - lol kirk quotes your hilarious

cryptic---beam me up scotty!

ok its late i think i lost my mind somewhere in this post