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08-29-2010, 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
The -rank- is just a skill level so they can use the consoles. I've ranked up boffs, but the rank I have on the boffs uniform is what I consider them by. Example using TNG.. Worf was a LT most of the time, he had COM level tactical skills for sure though. Geordi was also a LT for a good while, eventually a LTCom but in game he would have COM skills.

The rank you pin on your guys and the rank that you need to set them at for game skill use don't have to be the same thing. I've only got 2 BOFFs pinned with COM, the rest wear ranks from ensign to LTCom based on how I want them to be. Use some imagination and the tailor and make your crew ranks fit how you want them to. Nothing needs to change since you can already customize them.
I have done the same thing with my BOffs but there is more to this then just placing rank badges. The ship structure now being emplaced with the retrifit process, BOffs being promoted to be new Captians for you to play, actual assignments to place BO on your ship etc.

With the use of kits you would still have Commander skills on the ground even with an Ensign BO. For space you are limited right now because of how they are setup. You referenced Worf only being a LT but having Commander skills but on a cruiser or Research vessel he would not be able to use those skills.

As a captain you should have the option to arrange your ship as you see fit. This setup will allow you to manage your ship and your BOffs more completely and be more accutate to the Star Trek Universe.