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08-30-2010, 05:52 AM
I also agree with the OP and was one of the most vocal opponents to the store since it was announced for this very reason. There is much I could say on this but I wont waste my time with a long post so suffice it to state the following:

I have purchased nearly everything in the store to support Cryptic with its development of the game given the massive loss of players and I'm not alone in that thinking from what I can tell but truth be told, my patience and open wallet was wearing extremely thin prior to the change in leadership with STO.

Now with that said, I think making everything in the store available in game, as was promised (not counting the blatant lie of the type of things) when it was announced should be a top priority for the dev team now; if not yesterday! I for one would be far more willing to buy more stuff since I can easily afford it if other players not so fortunate have the chance to earn them.