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08-30-2010, 05:55 AM
I completely support the sentiment, intent, and the location of BluYak's OP.

I often find myself at odds with that same question. I actually have a minor dread of being asked that question. Though I like STO I cannot in good conscious recommend it to another person because it does not fulfill the basic expectations of a subscription based MMORPG. This is , in part, due to the C-store vs. in game acquisition issue you have pointed out.

STO is not set up in such a way to become a F2P and probably never will. I do understand the actual need for some kind of c-store income given the rise in economic demands and the static nature of sub fees. However, the decision to include items in the C-store beyond the cosmetic or frivolous is a bad decision. In doing this you have violated the "verbal ToS" us lifers purchased that lifetime sub under. This is where I bring up the phrase "bad faith business practices" again...