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08-30-2010, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by Kalarion
No offense to Cryptic but this will work if only Cryptic takes a active part in stopping these spammers and actively not accept thier money when they buy new copies after getting thier accounts ban.

In a usual week I will get roughly 8-9 spammer mail in my mail box and used to get 10 or more spam messages before turning off TELL. Often times will see spammers parked outside SOL system and in zone chat and even with the complaints to the GM's nothing is done about it. So it leaves me and others with the impression that Cryptic Supports these spammers to make a profit.......

As for the other fools who click on those sites you deserve to have your accounts stolen and banned....
A lot of people said the same thing about Square Enix during the height of Final Fantasy XI's Gil seller problem. However, a short while later they came up with a "task force" that within a year systematically reduced the gil seller problem to non existant. RMT hurts their game and game business. Rest assured they ARE dealing with the problem. But these things take time and you may have to deal with the spam for now.