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08-30-2010, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by ****tor View Post
Just stop paying for beer and/or smokes and/or a night out at the restaurant and/or to the movies or a sport event or music show or a book or wine... once... for a day... and you can afford the T5 Excelsior for as long as you play STO on your character.
That makes a whole lot of dumbass assumptions. Nor does it cover the topic of value. Most people could probably afford the thing, it doesn't mean they think its a good value. Bascially, the last 3 or 4 C-Store updates have left very sour tastes in the Forum Posters' mouths. I didn't see anybody complaining about 3 dollar ship skins. Yet Cryptic doesn't seem to notice this.
Also, the T3 is free and available for in-game currency, if you like the Excelsior and want to fly it, you know? It's still the Excelsior!
Good luck flying your favorite ship when you're an Admiral.

Fact is, Cryptic screwed up the way they handle ships from day 1. You that one, popular MMO, WoW? If you get an armor piece that you think is really cool looking at low level, chances are there are armor pieces that look just like it at higher level. But in STO, there isn't a high level Constitution or Akira or Hope.