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08-30-2010, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Victory275 View Post
LOLOLOLOL. When the Gal-X was released everyone QQ'd that it cost $25 and that was too much. Countless people posted that $10 - $15 dollars was more reasonable and that they would gladly pay that amount... that it was a fair price. Now Cryptic releases a ship that was advertised to be a C-Store purchase item from the start and they remembered what everyone said when the Gal-X came out. So they put it in the C-store for $15 because that is what everyone said was reasonable. Now Everyone is saying that amount is too much and that it needs to be lower to be reasonable (in game availability is a completely separate issue). Seriously, some of you guys are impossible to please.
Price isn't an issue with me. Hell, the C-Store itself isn't even an issue. It's how Cryptic's been handling it that bothers me. First off, it's the sheer amount of crap that's getting sold. Secondly, it's that this is the ONLY refit that you cannot get by ANY other means than by shelling out 1200CP, at least from what I've been hearing (I could be wrong since I don't have a first-hand account). Make it available in-game by the same means that the other refits are and I'm sure there will be a lot less b1tch1ng about it.