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08-30-2010, 01:05 PM
I had a new idea abbot the abilities of healing aboard you ship, so I decided to post how I think it should work.

when aboard your ship you should be able to heal your injured officers of at most minor and major injuries, critical injuries, should require you to return to a star base. likewise the same should also apply to ship damage in the engine room as well.

here is my epiphany, do any of you guys ever actually buy any of those crummy healing objects the developers put in after the death penalty wen t live. I have asked this in game and surprisingly got the majority response "why the hell should I waste my resources on them when I can simply return to space dock and heal my injuries for free!" well if they add healing officers to our sickbay then why not require them to use these items and maybe more reasonably add a cost to the star base healing and also adjust their prices to suit the idea and make them useful for a change. its just an idea, so if that dissent sound like it would be fair then don't use it. the death penalty is really optional anyways.

hey having these items be stored in a separate place like maybe a ship storeroom that was also not connected to your inventory. this way you could keep it stocked and not have to worry about them crowding your inventory.