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08-30-2010, 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptiecop
Might just as well add in any player race, level 51, to the C-Store so people wouldnt need to grind up a toon...make is 20,000 CP and call it a day...lazy gamers...

This is shades of SOE and the SWG trading card game....
There is one ship. It gives no in-game advantage whatsoever with the 'possible' but definitely minuscule and transient exception of PvP play. There's no reason to lose both grip and perspective

Originally Posted by NeoNoir View Post
Maybe. The pots are concerning because that screws over scholars, but anyway.

The biggest difference between Turbine and Cryptic is that most of the things in Turbine's store are obtainable in-game. And there are ways of earning Turbine points in-game, and beyond that subscribers get a not-insignificant dollop of store points every month.

Personally, I would prefer not to see microtransactions at all, but obviously that's not going to happen. That doesn't mean, however, that we should just shrug and smile and fork over the cash when Cryptic runs its store in the least equitable way possible.

Oh, AND! I'm sure Turbine's store does this too, every MT store seems to, but the whole "buy 1500 Cryptic points for a 1200 Cryptic point item and we'll pocket the change, thank you" paradigm is disgustingly unethical.
Turbine's store already contains wayyyyy more absolutely-definitely-no-question-about-it in-game-advantage items than Cryptic's. But then it would... as it's going F2P. It's not a concept I like, in an MMO tbh... but if a game is fun, enjoyable and gives value-for-money... then I'd be a fool to pass over playing it just because a part of my brain abhors micro-transaction structures. Surely. As I've said... I like flying around in the Excelsior. I'd perhaps like it more if I hadn't paid for it. But I like it, nonetheless. If I insisted on comparing the cost of the Excelsior to the cost of The Mines of Moria expansion (for example) - and simply couldn't see past that, then I'd be missing out on something I enjoy.

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