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08-30-2010, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Nubia
There is one ship. It gives no in-game advantage whatsoever with the 'possible' but definitely minuscule and transient exception of PvP play. There's no reason to lose both grip and perspective

Agree...but that is how SOE started and now Cryptic is following suit it seems...starts off with one item and then eventually goes to more and more, inevitably leading to some sort of gameplay impact somewhere down the road.

I understand the developers want to make $$$...I just don't agree with their approach is all.
I'm with you... but that has yet to come to pass here and until it does... IF it does... then I may well draw my own line in the sand and move on.

Have to say though... there are other issues with the game as is that would have more bearing on that decision if allowed to continue... bugs... lack of content, for example... and the only real measure of a game that I have... that I find playing it something I enjoy and look forward to.