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08-31-2010, 01:56 AM
Originally Posted by aeternali View Post
Cryo cannon from the boss. Once you are hit you cannot get out. Still an issue that is out of balance.
So far I have played this mission (on normal) with my following characters:
  • LA2 Fed TAC
  • LTC3 Fed ENG

With both TAC's it was pretty easy using the Close Combat Specialist Kit; using Motion Accelerator to get out off the frozen parts, when they managed to freeze me.
The hardest it was with the low level ENG (as I just lack all the added "features" of a higher level toon). However, he also survived without problems; using just small hypos; his team mostly is using stun weapons, so that might have helped, also.

Still have to do it with my main, the VA1 vulcan SCI Fed; but she has seen so many STF's that I don't think the Breen will give her unbearable headache...

EDIT: Also found the Ore shipment mission