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08-31-2010, 02:57 AM
I think slowly expanding the list of visitable planets is a good way to go. But I think they shouldn't be content-free. Some kind of mini-missions, vendors and mini-games should be provided. I would love if there was a reason to go to every planet eventually. The Deferi Outpost 3 has a very... lucrative trader, for example.

Andor and Rura Penthe might be the only place to acquire certain melee weapons and cold resistant armor.
Vulcan might have a "meditation mini-game" that allows you, if succesfull, to recover injuries at no-cost.
Risa might have a small "damsel in distress" mini-mission.

Just creating a bunch of planet surfaces with nothing to do there but roleplay is weak. It could even hurt roleplaying attempts, since the roleplayers would disperse over all those planets and wouldn't find each other unless they purposefully organize for it - hindering casual or spontaneous roleplay.