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08-31-2010, 04:54 AM
I was thinking along the same lines... and came up with some others:
1) Shuttle bay
2) Why do NPC's address me when clicked on the starbase and not on my ship?
3) Where is my cook and bartender at? Why are there no drinks on the bar? or people sitting/staring out the window?
4) Definately need option for uniform standardization
5) Mini games - Align the warp core, operate on patient, poker vs bridge crew... whatever, just make it fun
6) Customizable Captain's quarters - Change the plants, pictures... etc
7) Replicators that work... even if it just makes a cup of coffee
8) Intergrate the ship into some missions... kinda like the Quarantine one...
9) Make the Captain's chair interactable so I can just click it to sit down... the bed too...
10) An exercise room where you can spar with with friends/crew/NPC using Bat'leths (kinda like a pvp zone or 2 player mini game)
11) A holodeck with a combat training program, peaceful seashore program... maybe an actual mission storyline that takes place in the holodeck? You go in and your clothes change to "x" time period... yada, yada

I really would like the ship interior to become more a part of the game... it's really cool but nothing to do other than "Hey, check out my bridge, here's my accolades..."