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08-31-2010, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by WishStone
Please check to make sure you did indeed submit a Game Master Help Request.
If you submitted anything at all as a "Bug", you will not hear back from the GM Team at all. (If you open the "Report a Bug" tab in the game, there is even a disclaimer that lets you know about that.) Bug Reports go to another department and they do not respond to questions and cannot give feedback on game errors.

A week is pretty long for a regular GM Ticket, as most Tickets are currently handled within 4 days (and these are the tricky cases that need a more veteran member of the team to pitch in).
I submitted a ticket more than that time ago, and have yet to hear ANYTHING from them. I am doing what the QA Emergency Hologram in TTS told me to do...If you are saying that starting a ticket will not get something back in a reasonable time, you are mistaken....I have received help on my graphics problems with STO. Could it be that the team decided to ignore some tickets and put them off to the side? I hate being given the brush-off....