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# 1 C-store, wtf ?!?
08-31-2010, 12:18 PM
Ok i'm sorry because it has probably been said a lot of time before, but i'm pretty ****ed off right now.

For some time i considered buying this game, and finally today i couldn't resist.

So here i am, uploading patch when i see something about C-Store, since i've never heard about before, i go there, and much to my suprise i discover that you can BUY ship that are better that those you can get online by playing the game.

It's been a long time since i played a MMO game, but damn, i never thought it would sink this low. I mean, here i am buying a game, paying a monthly fee, and some ******* can come and just buy with real money something better that the stuff i dedicated hours of playing to get, wtf, do you take me for the most stupid person on earth ? (which it seems i am, since i bought the game without sufficently informing myself) There has been some commercial transaction for item when i used to play Everquest, but they weren't item that you could normally get by playing the game...

Sorry for the rant, but i'm very disapointed, and Cryptic studio, i suscribed for 3 months, but you could be sure that it'll the only you'll get for me, i have no problem with you selling item, but item better that what you could get by playing, wtf man ?!?