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08-31-2010, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Reave View Post
I don't know about suckering people into buying something three times and then effectively paying more. I should hope things at Cryptic aren't quite that desperate yet.
As I said in my post, by giving the customer more than one purchasing option that customer takes responsibility for the purchasing decisions they make.

If I am that imagined customer (from my post) who 1st buys the cheap option, then again, and again . . . and then realizes that I could have saved money with the more expensive "Account Wide" option to begin with, I blame myself for buying impulsively, not Cryptic! In the end, Cryptic has made more revenue off of me than if I had bought more "smartly", but I also have no one to blame but myself and don't harbor any feelings of ill will towards Cryptic.

win-win for Cryptic . . . simply by providing more options.

But, I'm sure the marketing team has crunched all the numbers and come to the conclusion that having only the one buy option is what's best for the game . . .

If, on a completely differnt line of thought, a cheaper "One Character Only" option for new ships were to be introduced and it leads to the complete demise of the "Account Wide" option . . . well, then, that just shows how unequitable the "Account Wide" option is and it shouldn't even be offered in the first place.