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08-31-2010, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Reave View Post
But I do think it'd be a good idea to say half the price of the ships for a single-account version. Then, once you've bought one, the 600 C-points single-account option disables, replaced by a 600 C-point account-wide option. IE, if you buy a second one, it automatically becomes accountwide. Now maybe some will never buy the account wide option, but I do think that the number of people that will buy the ships at 600 who wouldn't at 1200 might offset that.
that is an excellent idea for another option.

much more beneficial to the player, just slightly less beneficial to Cryptic (as compared to the imagined example I gave) because of the lost "impulse buy" revenue.

Originally Posted by Reave
There's a reason stores put cheap items at the checkout counter.
thank you, sir. It's nice to have someone get what I was posting without having to argue over small points for 4 pages.

and thanks to everyone else's replies, too. each day that I've come back to check on my thread a little feeling of dread has come over me before opening it over fear of the troll patrol having taking aim on it. the replies so far have been engaging and appreciated.

i guess the trolls only come down here to the basement of the forums for some nap time . . . so my thread might just be safe.