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08-31-2010, 04:22 PM
I just mean, I wouldn't hold my breath for any sort of change.

We're down here so that we can vent without many, if any, prospective customers seeing our complaints.

The fact is, Cryptic has locked up a fanatical customer base that will pay any price for any product with the "Star Trek" branding. That is why the Excelsior is only available on the C-Store, that is why the Nebula is going to be only available on the C-Store, and the T'Pol jumpsuit... anything from the shows is going into the C-Store and the C-Store only. Because Trekkies will pay for that stuff, even if that stuff doesn't really exist, can only be utilized in one particular instance that can't be accessed without paying a monthly fee, and will be lost forever when the server shuts down.

Cryptic seems content to base their business model on milking the fanatics, even if it means alienating the more moderate fans, or even people who just like the game but care nothing for "Star Trek".

I think it's a short-sighted and ultimately unsustainable business model, as they're essentially trading away long-term subscriptions for one-time purchases, but maybe I'm wrong. Cryptic apparently thinks so.