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09-01-2010, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by Gunthaar
As a Lifer, I can honestly say that the #1 Reason I got it isn't "you only pay once, ever". It was the Liberated Borg character !

So, while not adding any advantage to the player, you guys are pretty good at character customization so here are my ideas...

1. Ship Costume: Assimilated Ship (any fed / klingon ship) Pretty much a skin pack that would make it pretty visible that your ship has been assimilated by the borg. (Green warp nacelles, Borgified hull, etc.)

EDIT: here's an example video:

2. Ship Interior / Bridge: Assimilated Ship (hoping you get my point...)

It'd buy those as soon as they come out on the C-Store.

Another thing (no idea if it's already there) when killing borg, would be nice to actually loot "Borg Weapons". Again, no real advantage, only the typical green borg weapon color and usual weapon stats (no matter the weapon type).

I think it'd be cool to be a Liberated Borg who's at the same time, attached to his ship and also (like most liberated borg) has a true understanding of the advantages of borg technology.

Show some support, we might, one day, have this !

We freed you from the collective.
Worthy men died prying you out of the collectives hands.

They died so you could live free.

YOU got saved.
Not some starship.

YOU got command of a ship that was originally not the one you have been yoinked from by the borg.
There is no reason why you should have a borgified vessel, especially not after switching ships like 4 times....