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09-01-2010, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by MGoblin256 View Post
Here's what I think the Rewards should be:

Episode 1 Reward: Cryo Grenades (Already in)
Episode 2 Reward: CRM-200 (Rare/Very Rare quality Ground Assault Weapon. Damage increases based on rank/grade*)
Episode 3 Reward: Neural Truncheon (Rare/Very Rare quality Melee Weapon. Damage increases based on rank/grade*)

Completion Reward: Deferi Bridge Officer (Rare quality BO, with choice of gender and specialization)

Breen Defeat Accolade Combined Reward (Defeat both 200 Breen ships and 1000 Breen ground enemies): Ship Trophy + Customizable Breen Refrigeration Suit, wearable as Off Duty uniform. Helmet becomes available as a separate "head type" that can be used with all Uniform types (available to character only).

* - Functions simillar to the blue phasers that come with the TOS Constitution preorder ship. Total damage increases every five grades. This allows a captain who earns these weapons at a lower rank to keep using them throughout their career if they so choose without them degrading in performance.

Example: A CRM-200 earned at Lt. Commander 2 will do Mk III-grade damage until the character reaches grade five, where the damage increases to match Mk IV-grade damage. When the character reaches grade ten, the weapon will deal Mk V-grade damage, and continue to do so until Commander 5 and so on.
YES, this would be perfect! I hope the Devs read it