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09-01-2010, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
So I've leveled up my Tac character to cmdr 10, completed the mission where i defend quo'nos from the fek'lir, and eagerly accepted my new mission, destiny. i went to Quo'nos & talked to the chancellor who sent me to Sanek, to seek the blade of Kahless. i get to Sanek & nothing. Nothing happens. i just sit there in space parked near the planet in the sector map. i dont get a dialog box to enter it. I am bummed, because i did this mission with my main toon, who was a BG engineer when this mission came out, & i was really looking forward do doing it with a char of the proper level. Does anyone else have this problem?
Well, I noticed many problems with this mission on tribble and then after it came out. There seemed to be a problem with it cycling, continuing, or anything else if I had ANY other active quest.
I would recommend dropping every other quest you have. Pick that quest up from the Chancellor (this is after of course you leave the system so it resets), and do that whole mission before you get or do anything else. See how that goes. That worked for me, I dunno, but it seems to me that they did very little bug squishing on the Klingon side before 2.0 went live....