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09-01-2010, 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by Brodie0854
You are getting what you pay your monthly sub for, if you want more then you should expect to pay for more, no ones game will suffer by not having the Excelsior, and no one will be given an advantage by buying it. Its purely optional. So I work hard for that crappy wage that i get at the end of the month, what little extra i have left after rent and bills i use to treat myself, and i decided to treat myself to the Excelsior, but you want it given to you for free!! Why? What makes you so special?
When Cryptic was selling lifetime subs to the game, they were promising that no items that affected gameplay would be put in the C-store.

That the Excelsior affects gameplay is patently obvious and the powers that are going to be sold on the Nebula will handily cross the line into balance-breaking.

Not even a year in and the promise is broken. If they hadn't made those promises, I wouldn't have invested... that's the problem.