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09-01-2010, 10:38 PM
I gotta be honest, read some of my posts and you will see I am so far from a fanboi.... Yet in this specific case... What Cryptic did was TOTALLY acceptable.

Here is the thought. You got a brand new ship ingame, be it tier 3, you still got it. Did the Feds need more, no. But they gave you it, and for a little more, they even sold a tier 5 so you could skin up at the higher levels and enjoy. All in all, they gave you something for nothing. And the tweaked one, which is nice, I own it and fly it for fun because I like the look, had some other benefits.

Honestly, they could have just given you the tier 3 Excelsior and remodeled the whole thing to be the Powerpointsior (bad pun I know) and made it a different look and made it tier 5. But they DID listen to the requests of the forums and made the one that cost money the refit.

Simply, they did alright in this situation. (withholding all the Klingon drama it's causing, I admit they did listen to the Fed base pretty clearly on this).

So, you pay for the unique one for endgame, or you go make another character and get it for Tier 3, or even take the tier 3 and use it at endgame. It's all up to you, aside from the Lt. Commander tactical officer with a better turning rate, this thing isn't game changing. It still blows up just fine in PvP.... and with a difficulty slider, does it really matter how it handles in PvE?