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09-02-2010, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
You mean in the K Belt or Outpost 3 System? I thought of that and went over to the the one in the O3... Nothing seemed to trigger for me to pick-up... I flew all around it... Nada. And on my next go into the K-Belt the next day there was nothing I could activate there (though the initial mission had changed). I got frustrated and dropped the Ore one.

How exactly did you get it to work, please?
It should be started in Kelvani Belt after finishing the first part, however it didn't activate for me when I was going there the last time (with my 4th character), so it might be it is not always available. Not sure I can explain it much better.

Originally Posted by aeternali View Post
Cryo cannon from the boss. Once you are hit you cannot get out. Still an issue that is out of balance.
Agree it is not easy, however, the last group didn't manage to kill any of my team on all of my four characters (playing on normal).

Also, I was first telling my team to target the boss (since my team at least has one stun gun) the boss didn't manage to make a few good shots at us.