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09-02-2010, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
This has been heard loud and clear and Jack and I have been in some discussions this week where we continue to work on the deal that items in the C-Store need to be available for in game currency. (he and I both agree about big functional items being available for some type of in-game exchange)

The Excelsior was a half-step and now we need to put both feet in. I'm hoping the Nebula can be in game as well as in store. The in game way to get it might not be cake - but at least it will be something.
I actually thought the way that the Excelsior was released was a good idea.

I liked the fact that if you wanted to play the model ingame, you didn't have to pay the C-Store premium to get it. The only issue with that is that the RA version needs to have a way to acquire ingame, through emblems or EC or just some form of ingame currency.

Can we expect you to make a T3/T4 model of the Nebula for its up comming release?

Perhaps using the orignal nebula secondary hull and/or the oval mission pod? (shots all over this page) (specifically here look at the phoenix model)