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09-02-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by psychogobstopper
You have got to be kidding me. Talk about a complete misreading of the history of our Labor Day, made all the more perplexing by the fact that Wikipedia has two reasonably good (though sadly short) entries under Labor Day and (as previously mentioned by Rekhan) Pullman Strike. If you really read either of those entries as "celebrating the suppression of a labour union," then I don't think we're reading remotely the same version of history.
Read that link about the Pullman strike and try and find where it says the union was successful and wasn't obstructed by the government and forced to stop which resulted in the death of strikers.

Originally Posted by Rexy
Now you're just trolling. I take that back, you've been trolling for a while, now you just dropped the pretenses.
I'm not trolling you used the saying "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" the gift in this question being the discount, the reason for the gift the celebration of the American Labour day, which afaik as I understand is celebrated because people died as a result of the US government suppressing a strike.