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09-02-2010, 12:07 PM
The problem does not lie with the C-Store, but rather with how Cryptic is handling it. Unfortunately, it is a major problem no matter how one views it. A lot of people (including myself) are put off by it, and a large number of them have left the game, canceling their subs in the process because of it. That is hurting (and will continue to hurt) Cryptic's long-term revenue, if you wish to look at things from a purely financial viewpoint. What Cryptic is making in short-term sales from the microtransactions is going to cost them in long-term sub fees.

It is quite obvious that the C-Store is making enough money off of players to warrant its continued existence as well as the continued expansion of said paid items (I will refrain from using the word "content" as it is quite a subjective term thrown around and defined in so many ways). While there will still be a fair amount of people who will continue to put up with it, there are still a lot of people who refuse to pay a single extra credit on this crap (and everyone does have a breaking point, so more people will end up badmouthing Cryptic eventually). I want a lot of what's up there, but I will not pay any amount of money as long as they continue this practice of what I see as nothing short of money-grubbing. Hell, I really want to play a Caitian, but I will not as I am in the middle of a C-Store boycott. As a lifer, it is the ONLY way to vote with my wallet.

Another problem with the C-Store is the fact that Cryptic said that anything in the store will be made available in-game. With the exception of the Intrepid/Defiant/Galaxy refits NOTHING is attainable through any other means. I agree with others in this thread that there is a compromise that (I'm sure) a lot of us that are against this policy of selling your soul would be fine with. Hold true to your promise and make these things unlockable through an accolade, STF reward, or even a badge purchase and I know that at least I will complain a lot less. Hell, you don't even have to remove the C-Store at all. Let those of us who want to get their new shiny now the chance to buy it for real world bucks and let those of us who are willing to be patient and work towards our goal of getting it the chance to do so as well. I see it as a win-win for everyone involved.