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09-02-2010, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Danar
Read that link about the Pullman strike and try and find where it says the union was successful and wasn't obstructed by the government and forced to stop which resulted in the death of strikers.

I'm not trolling you used the saying "don't let the gift horse in the mouth" the gift in this question being the discount, the reasonf or the gift the celebration of the American Labour day, which afaik as I understand is celebrated because people died as a result of the US government suppressing a strike.

You certainly are trolling, and May Day, or International Labour Day is also based on a violent event in which people lost their lives. Since you said you celebrate that earlier you also celebrate government repression of workers, using your own logic about our Labor Day.

You're not only a troll, when you got called for it you started trying to strawman the argument.