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09-02-2010, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by Tomka42 View Post
I think then it should be changed because it will be much clearer.

I mean can you tell me how much it boost weapon power when you already have 9/9 skill? Does it increase it at all then? Or is it 0.5% per point?
In every space skill I've tested, including those affecting weapons and science abilities, each point of rating (e.g. +1 Starship Operations Training, +1 Starship Energy Weapons, etc) does in fact add 0.5% to the bonus.

As the previous poster pointed out, adding 0.5% to the bonus almost never means adding 0.5% to magnitude of the effect, because there is already some bonus.

In general, effects seem to be computed as:

Final = Base * (1 + Rating/200)

Rating includes bonuses from skills, buffs (like Sci/Eng/Tac Team), deflectors, consoles, etc. Hence +1 Rating adds 0.5% of the base value.

For abilities affected by weapon power, it goes like:

Final = Base * (1 + Rating/200) * (Power/50)

For science abilities affected by aux power:

Final = Base * (1 + Rating/200) * (1 + Power/50) * 0.5