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Here is a kewl / funny storyline I'd like to see you guys try out as a seasonal event.
I even took the time to write the intro for you.
I would like to see Cryptic use Santa Clause as a VIP in an Escort Type Mission.
With the Kilngons attempting to capture Santa.
I think this would be awesomely funny.
Here the quick intro I wrote for it.
Hope ya like it :p

This is a copy of a Klingon report taken during battle by my crew.

From:Klingon High Council
To: ALL I.K.S. Fleet Ships

Subject:New Op Orders related to the terran known as Santa Clause.

It is rumored that the terran known as Santa Clause is being escorted by Starfleet vessels on his yearly supply runs to the outer starbases.
His ship is carrying some unknown items of great importance to the families stationed on their outer starbases.
These are items that are of interest to The High Council.
ALL I.K.S. Ships are order to disable/capture the terran known as Santa Clause and secure his cargo for further interrogation/investigation.

Klingon High Council