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09-02-2010, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by BobTheYak
Tricobalt mines stun for 10 seconds. Not the torpedoes. I really can't feel sorry for you if you don't kill the mine before it activates. As for chain stuns - props to the players that killed you.

As if the damage isn't enough (ie 15-25k), a Photonic Shockwave to Tricobalt combo is kinda ludicrous. While the LRSV-Retrofit isn't all powerful, as the OP suggested, however, we come to a similar problem as how FBP was back a few months ago. Suppose I am in a Cruiser. I have 8 beams, and I am broadsiding an enemy. Another enemy drops a Tricobalt mine or fires a Tricobalt torpedo at me. I see it, I target it, but my 4-beam firing cycle is still stuck on my previous enemy. Therefore, game over. Massive damage and an old-school SNB-style stun that can last up to 15 seconds. No matter what, that is just ridiculous. SNB was nerfed for exactly that reason! Torpedoes get annoying, but the mines are what tick me off. The damage is bearable, but the shutdown brings back bad memories. Also, with random phaser procs going off all the time now, especially with every Fed Fleet Support and Photonic Fleet ship using phasers, my weapons can just suddenly jump offline.

My favorite is the hit and run I see with Tricobalts. As an escort, just fly in with Evasive Maneuvers and drop a tricobalt torpedo just as you pass by. Now, if done right, you can keep them from actually being able to target the torpedo because the game follows you. Given an alpha strike, especially with a decloak and Beam Overload, you can one-shot someone. I used to use this tactic with Plasma Torpedoes, but it's even worse with Tricobalts.