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09-02-2010, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by Goatshark
Are you kidding? That's the greatest thing I've ever heard!

I can't think of the last time ... if ever ... I've been called girly in any way, shape or form.

Girl hands ... rad ...
Dude... try living a life where you sound like a girl/woman, on the phone, at drive ins, on Vent, ect. I've actually had knock down drag out fights with people telling them "I am Mr. H!!" to only hear "You are lying to me put Mr. H on the phone now!"

Admittedly it's always fun to see the face of the guy in the drive in who's said "Yes maam", "Honey" or "Sweety" only to see this 40yr old 6'1" redheaded guy with a beard. Get a lot of 'sorry' or 'uhhh where is the woman that made the order?' (or having the cashier ask if there was a car that drove off).

It's easy to avoid any call I don't want to answer though... and fun to mess with people ocassionally.

After this long one has to expect it, embrace it, and try to have fun with it occasionally.