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09-02-2010, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by Blakinik

Assuming you make this work, doesn't this defeat the arguments you previously made in that the C-Store was used to generate more content faster than what would occur otherwise?

I want to make this clear - I support this move as it was a promise made and yet unfulfilled 6+ months into launch. Just curious what would be the point of the c-store if i could get it in-game?

As I understand it when the idea was first floated, the goal is to make it so that, to the feral Binars in Accounting, it comes out equal on the books regardless of if someone grinded in-game for it or bought it off the C-store. By 'grinded in-game,' it is such that the person spends a sufficient amount of time while paying a subscription to earn it. There is a sort of internal consistency: Basically, the item becomes two things, one or both to different people

o A carrot to induce someone, who isn't inclined to purchase it in the C-Store, to continue playing (and paying a subscription) for X1 amount of time, and then playing X2 amount of time enjoying their hard-won new ship; and
o A carrot to induce someone, who isn't inclined to grind for it, to purchase it in the C-Store.

Frankly, I see it as win-win-win. Folks who don't want to touch the C-Store can get a cool ship; folks who may have a bit more disposable income and not enough time to game can get a cool ship; and Accounting enjoys lots of black ink in their ledgers.

And Cryptic's devs get to finally put to rest something that's been a bugaboo for a good chunk of the playerbase since the game began, and don't have to worry about this being like a Sword of Damocles is hangingover their heads, and having the feeling that someone is gonna cut the thread.* =)

ETA: I mean "feral Binars" affectionately, not with malice. ^_^;;

* - Oh, woe is me... my life is a misey... oh, can't you see... that I'm at the start of a pretty big downer...!