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09-02-2010, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Rexy
I think this is a good compromise, it gives players who don't have to have it NOW a goal to work to. I do also hope that you guys will eventually make this retro-active to items already in the C-Store of the same flavor.
Yeah I like the entire concept. If we use the existing retrofits as a template: 500 emblems for another one but you can just buy in the C-Store if you want to we have a potential model for what it would be like. Increase the value of the Excelsior by some factor since it is a "better" ship or has some bells and whistles or whatever (1,000 emblems? Effectively double the grind?) and you've got something that works.

Cryptic still gets their precious moneygrab and lazy/casual players still get the doodads if they're willing to put out some quid for it while those of us who would like some long-term and difficult to earn goals have something to do.

By the way, if you complete the grind you should earn a special little something (like a title...and at least an accoalade!) just to show off that you completed the grind. Gotta be able to brag, right?