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# 1 some questions...
09-02-2010, 07:50 PM
I've been gone for quite a bit, doing a few things here and there and I settled back into STO.
And realized that there was a gigantic amount of updates between now and when I used to play, which was way back prior to Season 1.

So to help settle back in I'm hoping someone can answer these questions for me:

1 :: Is Fire At Will still really bad?

2 :: Is Torpedo Spread still really really really bad?

3 :: Are Science Ships still the least used type of ship?

4 :: Are there any sort of "summoners", i.e. motherships that use pets to do their fighting?

5 :: Are the Klingons still suffering from horrid PvE?

6 :: Did the early game(1-20) change significantly?